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Mulch, Compost, & Bagged Material
Mulch, Compost, & Bagged Material

Available for delivery and pickup

  • Black mulch @ $60.00/yd

  • Brown mulch @ $60.00/yd

  • GRO MAX Compost @ $75.00/yd

  • Loam @ $46.00/yd

Delivery costs may vary. Call for an estimate.


We also provide bagged compost, potting, and landscape soil.

  • Benson Farms- Surf and Turf from Gorham, Maine: $12.00/bag

  • Little River Compost: $12.00/bag

  • Fafard- topsoil, planting mix, professional potting mix, ultra container mix, and natural organic potting mix: all at $12.00/bag

  • COAST OF MAINE PRODUCTS!: scroll down for prices

  • Brown and black mulch by the bag: $10.00/bag

  • Espoma Products: prices vary

  • Fertilizers: prices vary

Planting mix
surf and turf
coast of maine bagged_edited.jpg

Bar Harbor Blend 2CF @ $24.00

Organic & Natural Potting Soil

Contains organic ingredients: lobster, kelp, compost, perlite, and sphagnum peat

Quoddy Blend 1CF @ $12.00
Organic & Natural Compost Blend with Lobster & Crab

Contains blended lobster shells, sphagnum peat, and compost

Schoodic Blend 1CF @ $12.00
Organic & Natural Composted Manure Blend

Contains a blend of composted cow manure and sphagnum peat moss

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