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Pests and Diseases

A plant is a natural food supply for numerous pests and diseases. It is recommended not to spray unless absolutely necessary. Other methods of control, to be used along with chemicals (referred to as pest management), would include:

  1. Monitoring for initial infestation and removal by hand when possible (plucking or squashing)

  2. Use of pheromone traps to attract and kill pests

  3. Use of disease resistant plants

  4. Good cultural practices – remove diseased or weak plants; rake up dropped foliage and stems; fertilize and water properly

  5. Use of natural predators – praying matis, lady beetles, etc.

  6. Use of physical barriers such as nets or fencing

  7. Use of biological controls, such as BT

A healthy plant is less likely to be affected by insects or disease. Keeping a plant in a healthy condition reduces the need to use costly chemical controls. If you are in doubt about a plant problem, please ask our staff for information.



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