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Important Gro Max Compost Update:

Because of legislative action in Maine; McSherry's Nursery is no longer able to deliver Gro Max Compost/Growing Mix to our Maine customers. This product, which has years of proven ability to enhance growth of flowering plants; includes Earthlife Compost, which includes treated sewerage from municipal waste systems. As a result of the passage of LD1911 last session; Maine no longer allows the use of products including municipal waste to be used for agricultural purposes...this includes landscaping uses. 


The culprit, P-FAS chemicals; also referred to as "forever chemicals"; were found in higher than acceptable levels in some Maine municipal waste systems that had either direct or indirect connections to commercial concerns such as paper-making mills that used PFAS chemicals in their manufacturing processes. As a result; Maine has banned all uses of treated municipal wastes for agricultural use. 


As a product that has been used and offered by McSherry's for many years; the horticultural benefits of Gro-Max have been proven multiple times; and, with an extremely low level (less than 7 parts-per-billion) of known PFAS; Gro-Max is considered safe to use for all New Hampshire agricultural and landscaping uses. We believe the benefits of Gro-Max outweigh the stigma the Maine legislature has caused, and will continue offering this product for the foreseeable future; or until a product is available that meets or exceeds those benefits.


It may interest you to know of research in New Jersey that shows that certain fungi and bacteria are able to break-down up to 67% of known PFAS chemicals; but this process only works in conditions of higher oxygen levels; which are only available under agricultural uses as compost. 


Know that we continue to monitor the actions of both Maine and New Hampshire legislatures and will adjust as conditions warrant. 


Thank you

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